How to improve creditscore


Once you have ran a credit report through our office. You have the benefit of utilizing our credit analyzer (see sample). The credit analyzer will tell how many points you can improve on your FICO score if you pay off your credit card debt.

For example you owe Bank of America $238.00, the analyzer will tell you that if you pay of that amount your credit score will increase +12 points. This is a great tool that will help you get better interest rates for your customers.

There are many times where your customers score are short a couple of points away from being able to get a better interest rate. Now you can help them. There is a big difference in interest rates when your score is 675 and when it is 680. At a FICO score of 680 you will be able to get an interest rate that sometimes is a ½ percent lower, which means a savings of tens of thousands of dollars throughout the years of payments.

We have seen cases in our credit analyzer where points increase up to +125 points in the credit scores.

The next question is how fast can I improve these scores? Usually when you make a payment it will take about 30-45 days for it to reflect on your credit report. With our office we can get the score and the balance updated with in 2-5 days. This is what we call our Rapid Rescore service (Click her for instructions).

To have the score increase within 2-5 days we will need to have proof that the account is paid off from the creditor.

So what you will need to do is to have your customer go to Bank of America make the $238.00 payment and get a receipt, bank statement or a letter from them stating that it has been paid off.

We will take that proof and fax it to the credit bureau usually the middle score bureau. When we fax it to the bureau, we will notify them this is rush and we do not want to wait 30 days. They will then Rapid Rescore it. For this rush or Rapid Rescore service we will charge a fee of $30.00 per account per bureau.

Once the bureaus notify us that the information has been updated. We will then need to pull another report to verify that the updates have been completed and see what you new score will be.


The potential score increase on the credit analyzer is a national average. This means that since it is the average there will be a lower score and a higher score. So to be conservative we ask you to use 80% of the score impact results. For instance if it states that if you pay off your Macy’s account your score will increase +10 points, 80% of 10 is 8 points. This means that your score could increase from 8-12 points.
Since these credit analyzers are all algorithms, there will be cases that the results will be totally wrong. What we mean by that is instead of increase the score +10 points; you get zero or only 1 point. This does happen but rarely.

Please notify your customers about this when doing Rapid Rescores.