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I really needed help with my credit report. I was referred to this place by my broker. I was not sure if they can really do anything. I kinda heard bad things about credit repair companys out there. But their staff was really helpful and spent the time to go over my credit report with me. They helped me add 2 trade lines to my report and they deleted 2 late payments I had a couple of months ago with Wellsfargo. They said it would take about 45 days but it took 2 months. Either way my score increased 47 points and it really helped us to get a loan with my broker. I Highly recommend to have your credit report fixed here.
Ma T.
San Jose

My wife and I can not be happier. We were in great debt and seeking help but not getting any positive response. With QC Credit Agency, they got us out of almost a hundred thousand dollar debt, and saved us thousandss in interest payments, yet their charge was negligible. It was astonishing and I highly recommend them.
Paul M.
Austin, TX

My New years resolution was to buy a house in 2012, with my credit it was impossible for me to apply for a loan and try to get a low interest rate. My husband and I recently came to QC credit because we heard from a friend that it works. At first I was kinda skeptical about it because I came from a terrible experience company that supposedly helped me with my credit- "Credit Solutions" which had screwed me up big time and that's the reason why my credit went down hill and all these court papers I had to deal with from that credit agency. But I still want to take a risk and try QC credit because i just thought, what the heck my credit is already bad. How much worse can it be? My credit was 638 at the time signing up in November. It wasn't that bad but buying a house I wanted to have a higher credit score before applying. Jonny was the person that walked and guide us through the process. After he looked at our credit report, I really felt like there's hope and someone actually cares about my credit and not just trying to sell me the idea and just take my money. Within 2 months, I notice a 40 point jump in my credit score leaving it now (678). It was unbelievable 🙂 I was too excited to know that I can actually apply for a house loan now. (I am currently in the process of house hunting, I was approved for 300k home loan, we had our dad co signed for us. So we were able to get a $400k loan). Thank you so much QC Credit Team! Couldn't have done it without you, I will highly recommend anyone that want to re-build their credit.
Lisa S.
San Jose, CA

I've worked with Jonny for a number of years now and I've sent him a couple of my clients. They've always raved about him when they come back to me. One client needed to fix their credit in order to purchase a new home. Jonny was able to meet them on their own time, after hours and some weekends. And he was able to do it for them in a timely manner and they got their home! Imagine that, being able to get forgiven for your credit history, and buy a home GOD BLESS AMERICA! I will definitely send my customers here. Nothing is impossible, I heard he can also help with foreclosures and bumping up that credit if you need. He's given me some tips on how to keep my credit in good standing. You can always call him for advice. (those are free =)
Bear T.
Real Estate Agent

The people at QC Credit were really helpful when my uncle's wife needed to buy a house. She needed help with her credit and I asked friends in San Jose to "hook it up" with a specialist. I was directed to call QC and they really helped her out. Thanks guys, you saved me from having my aunt and uncle move in to my place!
Ginger G.
Los Angeles, CA